Try a BNI Tribes meeting

Try a meeting

We meet every Thursday morning online from 6.30am – 8.30am if you would like to come to a meeting to see what it is all about for free you can request an invite below. 

    Benefits to members and visitors

    • Promotes your business to and through a network of people. There are currently more than 4,900 people in the BNI network: use them and educate them on your business!
    • More cost effective than other advertising mediums
    • Time efficient – our meetings don’t impact our busy work schedules
      Grows business through the power of referrals
    • Develops a Network of professionals
    • Improves business and communications skills, improves our ability to deliver a succinct, positive message about our companies. We are learning the SKILL of word-of-mouth advertising
    • Create meaningful trustful relationships that will last a lifetime.
      We work hard to make sure that our chapter is also a good social network.
    • We organise Golf outings, BBQs, evening events and other social occasions to help members get to know each other better.

    We are looking for...

    Businesses that want to grow through the concept of givers gain. Our members enjoy unparalleled business growth, exclusive training programs, access to a global network, connections with like minded business owners.