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Just Pause

Pauline Rohdich

Glennaslat, The Demesne, Co. Galway, H65 D542

Phone: 083 0344121



About Just Pause

Pauline Rohdich is a Success Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist and a PGI Consultant. She helps people to use the power of their mind to create their ideal life. When you understand who you are at your core, a powerful being with unlimited potential, you can direct your life in a much bigger way.

She facilitates an interactive Elite coaching programme called Thinking Into Results, which over the course of 24 weeks identifies and removes mental habits known as paradigms.

These paradigms are a multitude of habits which govern our everyday lives, our communication, our work related habits, our successes and our failures. It is these negative paradigms that cause the majority of the population to keep getting the same results, year in and year out.

Pauline teaches her clients how to change those habits so they can get desirable results and enjoy life more fully.