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Emer Flannery

Salthill, Galway

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About Kocoono

Our mission at Kocoono™ is to help people to fall in love with sleep again.                    Kocoono™ Weighted Blanket is designed to reduce stress, increase quality sleep and support your body and mind.  Kocoono™ is mostly beneficial for people that suffer from anxiety, insomnia, sleeping difficulties, restless leg syndrome, fibromyalgia and autism.

Based on deep touch pressure stimulation, similar to a hug, Kocoono stimulates pressure points to enable the user to relax by reducing stress and anxiety felt in the body and lends itself to induced relaxation, a sense of calmness and better quality sleep. Sleep deprivation and incidences of anxiety and mental health concerns are on the rise, globally. Hence, Kocoono was created to support mental well-being, restfulness and sleep in a natural way. 


Kocoono™ takes the original concept of a weighted blanket and improves on it in every capacity with its patent pending design including fully customisable weight, unique shoulder embrace and much more! Kocoono is designed to be 10% of your body weight and comes in 3 weights 5kg, 7kg & 9kg.

You can add or remove the weights to suit your needs and place one in the freezer and reinsert back into the blanket to keep you cool at night (if that’s how you roll!!). With the unique shoulder embrace you are able to get the deep touch pressure up around your shoulders to reduce the tension where you need it most. 

Introducing Kocoono,  A Revolutionary New Weighted Blanket!